Biggest Global Blockchain Hackathon Ever

For a more transparent, trustworthy, efficient and scalable world

Be an Awakener!

Calling for all the awakeners out there, wherever in the galaxy you are, to join force with us in solving some of the biggest challenges in the blockchain industry and creating fascinating next-gen blockchain applications on the most advanced blockchain platforms.

You’ll have 24 hour and a laptop, but your creative power and impact could go well beyond that. We‘ve invited technology experts, industry veterans, top VC funds to help turn your 24-hour adventure into something big and impactful, something that will lead the next wave of blockchain technology advancement.


Invited Speakers & Judgers

Whitfield Diffie

Renowned cryptographer and inventor of Diffie–Hellman key exchange.

Professor Dawn Song

Professor at UC Berkeley.

Professor Shoucheng Zhang

Professor at Stanford University. Chairman of DHVC.

Jannie Affeld

Google Engineering Director

Ella Zhang

Head of Binance Labs

Teck Chia

Partner of Binance Labs

Christy Choi

Director of Binance Labs

Brian Behlendorf

Executive director of the Hyperledger

Peter Relan

Discord director, Webvan CTO

Qi Zhou

Founder of QuarkChain

Yilun Zhang

Co-Founder of NKN

Who we are

We are organizations with deep roots in blockchain communities


CPC is devoted to connecting early stage startups with the top VCs and CVCs in the Silicon Valley


ABC Blockchain Community is a group of engineers, researchers, financial professionals, entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts who are dedicated to blockchain techology advancement


DoraHacks is a global hackthon organizer to connect hackers around the world

Diamond Sponsor

Binance Labs

A blockchain technology incubator owned by Binance, the world's largest digital assets exchange.

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100,000+ on-chain TPS public blockchian sharding solution.


Permissioned blockchain platform hosted by the Linux Foundation.


A new network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by blockchain.

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